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Popping out 2014 Opinions on Popcorn

Popcorn has really taken off recently, 2013 saw a whole array of different flavours hitting the shelves. It’s good for calorie counters and, in my opinion, nicer than crisps.

Some of the newer, more “out there” flavours include Tesco’s sun-dried tomato and Worcestershire sauce, soured cream and jalapeno as well as some more extensive sweet options from Tyrell’s with their Sticky Toffee Pudding.

I don’t have enough time to review ALL of them but recently (well, actually it was a while ago) I was generously offered to try Whitey’s Gourmet Popcorn which stood out for a number of reasons which I felt I had to revisit and blog about now.

Mark (Whitey), pops up at food markets and events across the North West as well as having his own online shop.

Firstly, the flavours were really great and strong, which I’ll look into why later. Sometimes a “sweet and salted” can be a little bit bland but in Whitey’s popcorn the salt tingles your tongue at random intervals and the sweetness is not sickly, it’s a nice blend.

We also tried the Maplecorn and Cinnamon Sweet. Oh my god, now, I love popcorn and I really love cinnamon so the Cinnamon Sweet was like heaven on earth for me. The bag was pretty big and I, ashamedly, nailed it in around 20 mins. The Maplecorn was slightly too sweet for me but my other half, and guinea-pig for many food pilgrimages, absolutely loved it. I have a fairly low tolerance for sweet things so it’s probably best not to use me as too much of a gauge on that.

The other flavours I’ve seen but not tasted on Whitey’s website is Smokey Chilli and Cocoa. The Smokey Chilli could be an absolute winner, the Cocoa, however, leaves me sceptical!

Other than the taste and the fact that they’re preservative free, something which appeals to me, the most distinguishing feature is the size and shape of the popped corn. They are larger than others I’ve seen and this means that they can hold more flavour which is why you get a great punch of flavour even when you eat one. They’re also more spherical and less jagged-y shaped, if that makes sense (?!) which I think also means that they capture more flavour and they certainly look good.

So, if you fancy going independent with your popcorn purchases or simply want to try something new and freshly made just check out his website for upcoming market events or to order online…