Blast off at Kosmonaut!

Kosmonaut Logo

After a long (and worthwhile) wait, the doors of Kosmonaut are finally open and the bar is offering a piece of New York’s meat-packing district right here in the Northern Quarter.

Located on Tariff Street, the place is chic with exposed brickwork and pipes and has a minimalistic yet stylish feel to it, including a ‘Walk. Don’t Walk’ sign providing a New York hallmark to add to its gritty feel.

Cocktail Menu, Kosmonaut

The bar is the collaboration of Craig Macdonald, Joe Fearnhead and Alex Johnson, all of whom have a strong cocktail and food background with around 15 years experience of the business.

Craig, Kosmonaut

Craig said: “We didn’t expect the place to be that busy last night but we’re really happy that we got off to a very good start! We wanted to bring a piece of New York to the Northern Quarter but other than that we’re going to let the bar develop and finds its own path so there’s no set theme or concept really.”

What I do know is that you get quality drinks without the extortionate price tag. Stocked with plenty of choice beers such as Brooklyn, Goose Island and even Schlenkerla along with a tempting cocktail menu, it provides something for all tastes. Not only this but it also has a cultured wine menu with Silician reds, rich Riojas and an Argentinian Malbec for under £20, which is incredible! This means that you don’t have to break the bank to go out and enjoy a nice drink with friends.

At the moment, bar snacks such as crisps and nuts are served but in time meals will be served and in the future, the downstairs room will be used as a club/dining/events area. So much to look forward to!

The bar is open for now but the guys are holding an official launch party next Thursday (20th September) so come down to number 10 (Tariff Street) and meet the new kids on the block!

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