Rum Trail 3: A Trilogy Which Doesn’t Disappoint!

They say that three’s a crowd, bad things come in threes and don’t even get me started on the Godfather Pt III but on this occasion… everyone was glad that the Rum Trails have continued for a third outing.

The Liquorists’ are basically offering up food and drink heaven: six rums, six cocktails paired with six food combinations, great bars with specially reserved tables (no waiting) washed down with… in-depth rum knowledge!

I felt educated afterwards, even if my notes were slightly hazy towards the end.

We started at Hula, rather than the originally planned Kosmonaut, where we were met with Plantation Rum taster by Bibendum Spirits and then a gorgeous Plantation Three Star cocktail called the Atlantic Boat Club Daiquiri – order this! Served up with grilled pineapple and banana, for 30 minutes, we were in the Caribbean!

Next up in Keko Moku we tried the 12-year-old El Dorado Rum, which was really something special and I’d rank it in top spot for the night. The cocktail was a Sanguine Swizzle which I could easily have for breakfast every day (not sure what that says about me) and was a combination of the rum, orange juice, blood orange juice and grapefruit juice – massively refreshing!

Althought trying to resist the temptation to get a pulled pork roll from Almost Famous was almost impossible… But we managed and then offed to Odd for a drink which originated in Scotland! Well, it was spirit mixed with more alcohol, that’s how we roll up there.

A sip and a sip

Basically, you have a sip of ale and then a sip of rum, it’s a simple concept but it works. More importantly, it’s something different, I’ve never had it before and any night when I try something new is a good night!

So, the rum was Matusalem with a wedge of fresh lime and the ale was Titanic steerage, which was described as a “quaffing” ale or a “session” beer.

Jamaican Wray & Nephew Rum 63% with Sticky toffee pudding and pineapple fritters… and more rum.

The chocolate truffles in Tusk were truly luxurious and another favourite of mine with 63% Wray and Nephew Jamaican Rum which was followed by a lovely ploughmans-esque platter at The Blue Pig with a Brugal Blanco Apple Daiquiri.

Sharing platter and Apple Daiquiri at The Blue Pig

However, I don’t want to give away too much and describe every detail of the tour as the anticipation is great…. heading off to the next bar not knowing what awaits you is part of the fun.

All this and a unique way to experience some of Manchester’s best bars, then on to Liquorists HQ at 22Redbank which is top secret and really awesome space.

Plenty to choose from at Liquorist HQ

After plenty of rum and plenty of fun the Thai curry at the end of the night is a lifesaver! And it works really well with the Pussers Navy Rum cocktail served up in Navy Mugs with umbrellas and mixed with coconut milk and perhaps pineapple? Somebody might need to clear that up for me, but I do remember that it was delicious!

Speaking of cocktails and food pairing, one of the most important combinations of all is the people! Tom, from The Liquorists, is a great host and sets the tone perfectly for the evening. In a group of around 12-15 like-minded easy-going drinks lovers you’re always going to have a great night.

My final tweet of the night (which I don’t remember sending), simply read: “Wow, on the way home from @TheLiquorists #RumTrail3! Made new friends, tried new drinks… What makes a better night?” I think that sums up the night pretty well.

In summary, what bang do you get for your buck:

  • Six taster glasses of specially selected rums, from El Dorado, Wray and Nephew, Plantation, Brugal, Matusalem and Pussers.
  • Six cocktails, made with said rum.
  • Six food pairings to accompany the drinks.
  • A Thai Curry and Satay Chicken Skewer at Liquorist HQ
  • £5 money-off voucher for Selfridges Exchange Square when buying alcohol.

For just £35, that’s amazing – and that’s coming from a tight-fisted Scot!

Times and Dates for Rum Trail 3:

The Rum Trails will run for six weeks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and the trails start at 6pm or 7pm at Hula. Finishing time all depends on you but we arrived back at Liquorists HQ around 10pm for the last cocktail (which doesn’t explain why we didn’t get home until around 1.30am but that’s an entirely different story!).

You can buy tickets here: and follow them on Twitter @TheLiquorists. Once you have booked, you’ll get an e-mail with all the exciting secret information to whet the palate before the big night!

Written by Mel.


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