Fresco Freddo’s serves up Gelato to Manchester!

MANCHESTER is now home to a new Italian Gelateria serving fresh, traditional and authentic gelato, NOT ice-cream, welcome Fesco Freddo’s Gelateria!

Before you read anymore simply just go there, go there and try the Peanutella. Just. Do. It.

Anyway, the Gelateria opened last night on Oxford Road and serves up some delicious gelato and sorbets and full-bodied Kimbo coffee, a more unknown Italian brand of coffee which really hits the spot.

With over 20 lovely variations of gelato and sorbet flavours including (my personal favourite) Pistachio, chocolate and coconut and Freddo’s very own Peanutella. And, if you love their gelato so much they can sell you a take-away box in different sizes!

Situated close to the Palace Theatre or on the way to the AMC cinema it’s the perfect stop-off before or after the show and it’s open from 8am till 10pm.

A few gelato facts which were conveyed to me on the night, I must admit I was ignorant to the subtle differences prior to this, were that gelato is lower in fat than ice-cream as it is made with milk not cream.

Also, Mo, one of the owners, explained to me that most commercial ice-cream has extra air pumped into it to bulk it out, whereas gelato is pure creamy content, meaning that not only is it lower in fat but it’s also denser in texture!

The Chocolate Noir sorbet really is a must-try. With only 120 calories per scoop it really tastes just like brownie mix but without fat! Truly a godsend.

Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria also serves up hot desserts for a treat on those cold winter days with waffles and crepes on offer topped with sauces such as maple syrup, Nutella or simple lemon and sugar. Don’t delay!

Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria, 83 Oxford Road, M1 6EG, Manchester


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