Dirty Dogs And IPA Day – Barking Mad!

Dirty Dogs, a brand new food pop-up, hosted its first session in Manchester’s Port Street Beer House last night and damn, those dogs were hot!

Punters were invited to Port Street’s beer garden to indulge in a range of mouth-watering “dirty dogs” topped with the likes of pulled pork and barbeque sauce, sauerkraut and mustard or spicy Mexican or “Hot Chihuahua” as it was known with guacamole and spicy salsa toppings.

For a fiver you can load up your hot dog, well, with whatever you like really which is what we ended up doing as although we turned up around two hours after they started they had limited toppings left – a testament to their popularity!

So, with what was available, I supercharged my dog with coleslaw (After a few beers, calorie counting goes out the window!), sauerkraut fried with Kernel IPA, onions, barbeque sauce and sour cream (I wasn’t lying about the calorie counting).

My other half went more traditional with a mountain of onions and lashings of ketchup and mustard– a man of simple tastes. Washed down with a beer it was the perfect Thursday evening thank-god-it’s-nearly-Friday pick up that was needed.

As well as the dogs, there was also many out to celebrate “IPA Day” which I did with, The Bitches Brewing Collab with Quantum, entitled Chameleon IPA, and the Kernel cask IPA and Summer Wine Brewing’s Gorilla Black IPA and I can safely say that the slight hint of a hangover which I am currently experiencing was well worth it.

Back to the Dirty Dogs, however, they are a pop-up dining experience, like Almost Famous which seems to be a bit of a phenomenon at the moment.

I reckon the rise in popularity of the Man v Food TV show is directly related to the hunger for OTT American Food and I must say, I am mighty glad that people are supplying the demand!  Catch them if you can!

You can follow them on Twitter @DirtyDogsAreHot


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