Sunday’s just got awesome at Bakerie

Bakerie might be up for the Best Newcomer of the Year award at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2012 (Vote for it!) but make no mistake about it – this has been a firm favourite with the locals since day one.

When I first heard about Bakerie opening its doors, I rejoiced. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I found that my dream of freshly-baked-bread-bliss on a Sunday morning was to be shattered upon the realisation that Bakerie did not open on the day of rest.

However, now, not only are the opening on Sundays and selling fresh bread, but they are also doing fantastic Sunday Roasts for a very reasonable price! As everything with Bakerie, it’s slightly quirky and a bit different, like the wine-tasting machine in the tasting store at The Hive, it’s not your traditional Sunday roast if you don’t want it to be.

Basically, you get the choice of around 8 dishes, four meat and four veg such as tender beef, rolled neck of lamb, cauliflour cheese, broccoli, carrots, parsnips, etc. From this you simply mix and match three items and they are served with gravy of your choosing, a delicious Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes. And yes lads, I know you’re thinking it – you can order three meats and no veg.

All that for just £8.95, that’s not a bad price at all and I was super full for hours later. However, if that’s not enough, for £11 you can get two courses with either soup of the day or a dessert on offer.

I went for the lamb with minted gravy, cauliflower cheese and roast carrots and my fellow roast dinner diner had the beef with red wine jus, parsnips and chicken. Both were delicious and the meats were served perfectly pink – so if you don’t like your meat pink I suggest you mention it as they didn’t ask us beforehand.

If you want to rejoice in Bakerie being open on Sunday but you’re not a particular roast fan they serve up their meat, fish, cheese and veg platters but none of the other main menu. Food is served until 7pm and booking is recommended as they only do a set amount of roasts on any one day, you can book at or call 0161 236 9014.


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