Blackjack Beers starting up in Manchester!

Manchester’s newest Brewery, Blackjack Beers, will be unveiling its first brew in around a fortnight’s time.

Blackjack Beers, set up by Rob Hamilton, will be a 4.5 barrel micro-brewery located not far from Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Gould Street off Rochdale Road.

Based in a railway arch, the brewery will be using the old kit that was based in the Marble Arch pub for Marble Brewery before they expanded.

Rob has worked for Marble for almost five years, amongst other pubs including the fabulous Crescent in Salford, before venturing out on his own so his taste and skill is not to be doubted.

And those who are fans of the Marble brews should definitely aim to try some of his creations – there will be something for everyone! Preferring stronger and darker beers himself, Rob promises light, easy-going options too.

Unfortunately the project will be solely a brewery for now as opposed to a pub/brewery but Rob will be looking to sell his beers around the main good beer haunts in Manchester and will no doubt feature at the Marble pubs, Fringe, Port Street Beer House, Gas Lamp and New Oxford.

The first brew is around two weeks away as Rob, who came to Manchester 12 years ago from Wrexham to study and never looked back, puts together the final touches to the workings of the brewery.


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